Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference

Theme:"Generation Z: Fake News and Information Literacy, the New Horizon"

6-9 June 2017 Hotel "Opal" Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosanski English



Untouched nature, clean green water of the Una River, play of water and light, many forms of tuffs, rapids, waterfalls, cascades and spectacular canyons are a unique natural phenomenon offering ideal conditions for the adventure of RAFTING.
Each boat has a skipper that guides the boat through the rapids and waterfalls and whose instructions are to be followed. Each rafter is equipped with safety vest, helmet, neoprene suit, shoes and paddle.
Tours includes:: transport, renting of boat and equipment, skipper, refreshment during the rafting, entry ticket to the National park, insurance.

More: www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5W1Z_Gwaio


Martin Brod Rmanj

Magic waterfalls in Martin Brod, according to legend, were named after beautiful Marta, who, unhappy in love, threw herself into the water. Today, tourists from around the world lose their breath while watching the beauty of nature. This waterfall has a travertine barrier 54 m high and over that overflows an average of 63 m3 / sec of water. If you decide to visit Martin Brod you can enjoy in visiting the Serbian Orthodox monastery Rmanj from the 15th century and waterfall in Martin Brod, which is a unique blend of cultural and historical heritage in natural beauty.
Tours includes: transport, entry ticket to the National park, guide, refreshment during the visit.

More: wwww.nationalpark-una.ba/eng

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