Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference

Theme:"Generation Z: Fake News and Information Literacy, the New Horizon"

6-9 June 2017 Hotel "Opal" Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosanski English

Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference

June 6 - 9. 2017 - WBILC 2017 - Hotel "Opal" Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Conference main themes and topics

A. Information Literacy in the modern world

- Fake News and Information Literacy
· Action Literacy
· Information literacies (media literacy, digital literacy, visual literacy, financial literacy, health literacy, cyber wellness, infographics, information behaviour, trans-literacy, post-literacy
· Information Literacy and academic libraries
· Information Literacy and adult education
· Information Literacy and blended learning
· Information Literacy and distance learning
· Information Literacy and mobile devices (M-learning)
· Information Literacy and Gamification
· Information Literacy and public libraries
· Information Literacy in Primary and Secondary Schools
· Information Literacy and the Knowledge Economy
· Information Literacy and the Information Society
· Information Literacy and the Multimedia Society
· Information Literacy and the Digital Society
· Information Literacy in the modern world (e.g trends, emerging technologies and  innovation; growth of digital resources; digital reference tools; reference services).
· The future of information literacy
· Workplace information literacy

B. Librarians as support to the lifelong learning process

- Digital pedagogy and Information Literacy
· Integrating Information Literacy into the curriculum
· Putting Information Literacy theory into practice
· Information Literacy training and instruction
· Instructional design and performance for Iinformation Literacy (e.g. teaching practice, session design, lesson plans)
· Information Literacy and online learning (e.g. self-paced IL modules)
· Information Literacy and Virtual Learning Environments
· Supporting users need through library 2.0 and beyond
· Digital empowerment and reference work
· Information Literacy across the disciplines
· Information Literacy and digital preservation
· Innovative IL approaches
· Student engagement with Information Literacy

C. Media and information Literacy – theoretical approaches (standards, assessment, collaboration, etc.)

- Information Literacy theory (models, standards, indicators, Moscow Declaration etc.
·  Information Literacy and Artificial intelligence
· Information Literacy and information behaviour
· Information Literacy and reference services: cyber reference services, virtual reference
services, mobile reference services, expert crowd sourcing, global reference volunteers
· Information Lliteracy cultural and contextual approaches
· Information Literacy and Threshold concepts
· Information Literacy evaluation and assessment
· Information Literacy in different cultures and countries including national studies
· Information Literacy project management
· Measuring in information Literacy instruction assessment

D. New aspects of education/strategic planning, policy, and advocacy for information literacy in a digital age

- Branding, promotion and marketing for information Literacy
· Cross –sectorial; and interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships for information Literacy
· Information literacy policies and development
· Leadership and Governance for Information Literacy
· Strategic planning for IL
· Strategies in e-learning to promote self-directed and sustainable learning in the area of Information Literacy skills.

Paper submission:

Submissions in any of the following forms are accepted:

· Full paper to be published in conference proceedings
· Presentation
· Roundtable discussion
· Poster session
· Train-the-trainers workshop
· PechaKucha

Important Dates

Notification of abstracts acceptance  April 30, 2017

Paper submission deadline  May 25, 2017

Notification of acceptance  May 30, 2017

Conference fee: 150 €, deadline May 30 2016
contact: Padraig Kirby M.A., Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick, Ireland
e-mail: padraig.kirby@lit.ie

Dissemination of final programme  June 02, 2017

Abstracts & papers are to be sent on wbilc2017@gmail.com

Selected papers will be published in the WBILC proceedings book and in the Peer Reviewed Education for Information (indexed by SCOPUS) ISSN print: 0167-8329; ISSN online1875-8649.

For further information: please see the Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference website for additional details at: www.wbilc2017.com

Please note:  all expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by the Conference Committee, but a special invitation can be issued to authors.